A real fashionista always plans her wardrobe beforehand. And while it is still three months ahead before the next fashion season designers have already supplied us with their ideas for Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012. So, why not start working on creation of impressive looks which your girlfriends will later look at enviously? My suggestion is to begin with colors. And here are all color trends for the coming season:

Soft colors
  It is essential to remember that in autumn and winter colors shouldn’t be as bright as they are in spring and summer. But it in no way means you have to go black, grey and brown. You can choose any color you like but make sure it is more subdued rather than flashy. Or you can opt for soft hues including lavender, cantaloupe, spindrift, or honeydew.

                                             DIOR- fall/winter 2011/12

                                        Michael Kors- fall/ winter 2011/12

Mood-improving bright details
If you think soft hues are dull there is another great color trend for you to choose – bright details. Add bright accessories to you look, like scarves, bags or hats, find a great-looking pair of boots, or go for one vibrant item that will become the focus of your attire. Be smart to keep the balance. Too many vivid colors in one look in summer is playful and interesting, but in winter it looks vulgar.

                                                                Gucci- fall/winter 2011/12

                                                           Blumarine-fall/winter 2011/12
                                                              D&G- Fall/winter 2011/12

If you want color but believe orange, lemon and magenta are too much for you try burgundy. It looks good on almost anyone and adds glamour to the appearance. This color is luxurious and there is hardly a way to spoil your look with it.

                                                            Gucci- Fall/winter-2011/12

                                                  Victoria Beckham-fall/winter 2011/12

    Reed Krakoff                              Burberry Prorsum                     Blumarine      

Midnight blue
Midnight blue is another hot color for the upcoming season, which is so versatile and uber-flattering. It looks quite good and safe on anyone and on any occasion, whether it’s a party, office, shopping or just en evening out.
   Oscar de la Renta                         Blumarine                                Burberry Prorsum

Neutral colors
The power of neutral colors seems to never get neglected and designers seem to never get tired of this trend. Neutrals can stay with you anywhere and anytime and can be easily combined with other pieces, no matter neutral or bright. Black is the best neutral color, which is so refined, elegant and chic. It has a great power of sliming your silhouettes and making you appear very seductive and noble.
Another great neutral shade is white, which plays a spectacular contrast with black and many other hues. It looks so pure, sweet and innocent. And if white isn’t that practical for everyday wear, you can go for stone shades.

            Blumarine                                    Etro                              Viktor & Rolf
    Burberry Prorsum                                  Versace                             Viktor & Rolf

In fall/winter 2011/2012 a significant place is given to prints, which break the monotonous image and leave a great space for experimenting. The safest option is to combine your printed items with neutral shades, but if you are more self-confident you might want to combine various patterns together, such as leopard and plaid or leopard and python. The hottest prints for the upcoming season are animal prints, particularly leopard and python prints, plaids, as well as other vivid, bold and unexpected statement prints.

     Dolce & Gabbana                  Oscar de la Renta                        Versace              
    Burberry Prorsum                    Tommy Hilfiger                              Gucci

With such a great diversity of color trends for the upcoming season you can create various dazzling images that make you look exceptional. So start building your fall/winter wardrobe and feel stylish in any season.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images


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