When it comes to good body lotions or a face creams i love natural products,which are based only on natural substances and extracts! you can really see the difference between natural and industrial cosmetics.

Have you ever thought about what happens to the cream, which is given each morning and evening on your face? The average woman in the developed world consume per year 1kg red for the lips and the daily consumption of over 20 different cosmetic products which do not remain on your skin. Almost 2 / 3 ingredients in cosmetic products is absorbed into the bloodstream and can affect internal organs.It is understood that this natural cosmetics is becoming an increasing trend.

When buying cosmetics often mislead us ads and promises of performance. The main indicator of how the natural or organic cosmetics are its ingredients label for organic production and certification (listed on the packaging). Difficult to read a long list of ingredients is not the most encouraging sign. Natural cosmetics should also not allow the use of petroleum products, synthetic chemicals, fragrances and colorants, silicones and synthetic preservatives. Therefore, the shelf life of these products as long as the synthetic cosmetics, we need to keep them in a cool, dark place.


L'Occitane en Provence 

L'Occitane en Provence-In addition to products sourced from Provence, Shea butter is purchased directly from women's groups in Burkina Faso as Fair Trade with the 'Ecocert' certification. The Shea tree is considered sacred, and its butter is known as "women's gold" because it is how the women make their money. Shea butter traditions are still used, such as only fallen fruit may be collected by women, and only women know the secret to making shea butter.

According to the company, it does not conduct animal testing, and no animal product or by-product, except for beehive products are used in the manufacturing process. L'Occitane develops most of it products and ingredients in line with the organic cosmetics specifications of Ecocert

Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream Vineyard Rose






Pivoine flora beauty cream

Alvedere cosmetics

Facial grooming products "alverde" contains mainly raw materials from certified organic production. Products do not contain materials based on mineral oils.


 cranberry handcream

Sophyto cosmetics

Sophyto natural cosmetics are made from natural organically produced ingredients, which are processed in a way that combines the efficiency of dermatological products and unique performance.


Pevonia Botanica
Pevonia Botanica is a complete line of natural, organic skin care offered by luxury spas around the world. An extensive selection of in-spa treatments addresses your every concern and deliver an unsurpassed spa experience, while for-home products help you maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin. Pevonia Botanica is passionately committed to providing effective skincare solutions to teens, women, and men of every age and ethnicity.





 Pevonia Botanica Soothing Sensitive Skin Cream

Problematic Skin Care Cream


Steam bath
Baths are designed for deep cleansing facial. Cleans the skin and make it shiny and fresh. The hot steam opens the pores, impurities and vlažo odstranjujo skin. You need:
-2 Liters of water
-2 Tablespoons of dried calendula
tablespoons dried chamomile-
-2 Tablespoons of dried lavender
Boil water and then add all three herbs. Allow fermentation and off the fire. Leave to stand for 5 minutes. Remove the lid, and tilt over the pot and cover with a towel and breathe steam 10 minutes.

Take care of your skin,it will be grateful! =)

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