PERFECTION! If i had to chose one word to describe the brand it would definetly be perfection. Chanel"s vision for spring and summer 2012 are soft and cream colores,combined with skirts and cute dresses that every girl dreams about!Through this line of clothes they wanted to shown a real woman and the reality she lives in.Very daring if u ask me.

What about accessories?
The most desired thing for next years spring/summer season are definetly pearl encrusted sea shells made for clutch bags,and with gold colored jewelry you will be perfect.

Here are some pics from the runway.


New York fashion week has started,and theres already a fashion boom for spring/summer 2012!DKNY vision for next year season is definitely black and white and combinatons of that two colors!To break the minimalism of blackness they added combinations of colors that work very interesting and different but in a cool modern way!Donna Karan has proved that she still dominates in the fashion world!.

                         Here are some pics from DKNY fashion show spring/summer 2012

Marilyn Monroe inspired hairstyle

This is classic,curly look.It suits perfectly to nowadays modern pinup.I adore Marilyn.Despite the time she remained an eternal fashion icon,who had a great taste for style and elegance.This is one of her favourite styles,so i decided to do it my myself :))! its very simple:))

The tutorial :


Pin up girl bob pins:

Results :

Practice makes perfect!!!!!!!!  XoXo*


I just bought the Little Dictionary of fashion- by Christian Dior!! But i will have to wait 2 weeks for my shipment to arrive to my address -.-!  Im soooooooooooo exited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J'aime  Dior

 Dior fall/winter 2011/2012....enjoy ;)


I love fashion quotes!!They are very inspirational and they help me achieve my goals :))

Have fun reading ;))