Black & white moments...

Old Hollywood style & glam defies decades.In the Hollywood landscape of new, new, new, what really stands out is that today's starlets still emulate the looks of classic screen beauties, including Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth, who ruled the red carpet in the 1950s. I just love this style,i think its so sexy and feminine and unforgetable.

Nikola Borissov fashion photography


Winter chic!

Knitted sweater,sexy chanel bag , little lipstick and you are ready to go! its all about the little accessories ! And remember:



Just an ordinary vintage day.

Snow is falling,the weather is toooooooo cold!! what to do?! Its time to make fashion your best friend =))

They say I'm dangerous, they think I'm really bad,
I'm just making up for what I never had
Go out every night whenever I feel sad
Oh this drive-by love, got me crazy like a drug

...Lana Del Rey...


                                                        ebba Jeweled bee ring


Valentines day makeup ideas and accessories!

If your V-Day plans include getting all dolled up, sexy is the way to go.A sexy smoky eye a la Kim Kardashian or Scarlett Johansson is the perfect sexy Valentine's Day look. When choosing the right color for a smoky eye it's best to go with a dark color like charcoal grey or a yummy chocolate brown.You can also add golden tones,they are wery popular these season.Finish the look by sweeping your hair into a loose up-do.

Do not overdo the jewelery,i think a sexy necklace or a cute bracelet will do just fine.

 ...And dont forget...LIPS.... add a little lipstick ,combaine it with your makeup and your outfit and you are ready to go. STEAL THE SPOTLIGHT ;)

Here are some makeup tutorials... i really love the first one from pixiewoo =))

Dont forget the brushes for your makeup!!

Eye Crease Blender Brush
  A must have for all makeup applications! Fits perfectly in the crease of the eye. Use with medium toned eye shadows OR use CLEAN to blend and soften all colors together.
HOW TO USE: Blend from inner to outer corner for a sheer wash of color. Use a light sweeping motion increase of eye to soften all edges.

Eye Shader Brush
  This sable brush is used to apply your shadow base color, which evens out skin tone and helps the next color blend more easily.
HOW TO USE: Pick up a light toned eye shadow with brush and tap off excess. Brush color over entire lid area. Its easy and quick with this size brush.

Eye Smudge Brush
  A Black round tipped sponge brush that is perfectly shaped to create the soft, sexy”smokey eye” look.
HOW TO USE: Pick up dark eye shadow and drag across lash line, concentrate on outer corners of the eye.

Eyeliner-Detailer Brush
  These sable brush hairs are tightly packed to allow for a precise and even line.
HOW TO USE: Use with dark toned eye shadow and line lids close to lash line, from inner to outer eye corner. Perfect to detail dark colors on top lash line.

Eye Shadow Brush
Designed to apply just the right amount of color to the eyelid, Use to bend color together with a medium toned eye shadows.
HOW TO USE: You can use this brush to highlight just under brow bone OR sweep over lower lid from lash line to crease.



                                          Scarlett Johannson makeup tutorial

Kim kardashian makeup tutorial for smokey eyes

Other makeup ideas





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