Fashion dreams

It seems that we have a new cool fashion trend. Studs!!! i love it and i am obsessed with it. This is really one of this years must have things in your fashion closet. You can have it on your shoes, tops, jeans or even bags. And the fun part is- you can do it yourself! I just love fashion!!

Betsey Johnson 2012

                                                                      GIVENCHY 2012

What do you think about this trend? Love it,hate it ?


My Dita Von Teese makeup by ARTDECO!

Hello guys!  I just received my special edition makeup by Ditta Von Teese for ARTDECO. And i have the honor to be one of the first girls here in Slovenia to use her products. Lucky me i know,really happy about that. This makeup is really must have. The compact powder is simply amazing and it smells so glamorous,and the lipstick is even bether than in your wildest dreams.This makeup collection is all about glamour. Starting in mid-June, ArtDeco will launch the first collection in a year-long collaboration with the burlesque star. The collection is called "Dita Von Teese Classics".


Me as Ditta.

Really must see! she is so beautiful!

Making of :

Ps. Special thanks to slovenian team of Artdeco!Girls you are amazing.