Blue dreams

Blue is my fav color for this summer! Its edgy ,its simple ,its so me!!!I love to find some other ways in fashion trends where i can be free and i dont have to change who i am!I dont want to adjust to the trends,let the trends adjust to me. ;)

Tally bag, Zara high heels.

   Blue from the runway inspiration
Rachel Zoe prespring 2013

Elie Saab

Vera Wang


Summer chic!

Summer has begun and i really love this time of year. I love long summer nights spent with my best friends and i realy love the smell of freedom, i feel like a wild child. I could just drive in my car for hours and hours and forget about the world and enjoy the feeling of infinity and calmness! And i cant stop thinking about hot & sexy things for this summer....

This shoes are crazy hooooooooooooooot. 

This are my two favourite parfumes of all time. This Tom Ford - Tobacco and vanille parfume is a limited edition and was represented on the Milan 2013 fashion fair . IN LOVE WITH IT, its realy special and unique!

Shoes:  Naja boutique
Ring : Tally Weijl