Wanna know something about me?!

Hello dolls! I wanted this to be more personal fashion post, since i always write about cosmetics and outfits.  Wanna know someting about me? My life has been marked by fashion since i was born. My mother and grandmother were also in fashion industry, fashion is in my blood and i simply love it. School never really suited me, but anyway i am studying sociology for the second year. I love freedom and creativity. Art and culture are everything. For one reason or another i always buy everything in black or white! Black is such a happy color. Beside being fashion/beauty blogger i"m self made fashion journalist and i write fashion articles for quite a few magazines. My wish: write for Elle or Voque. Hope that comes true!


  1. Se strinjam- black is such a happy color! :D

  2. črna je najnajbolša definitivno! :) Jst si pa tud noro želim pisat za eno od teh dveh revij, dream true <3

  3. Se strinjam, da je črna vesela barva ((: Super fotki! Želim ti da se ti želje uresničijo (:

  4. Tudi jaz se strinjam glede črne - Everything looks better in black!



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