Wildfox baby!

Hello dolls! Do you have your favourite sweater? I am head over heels about this Wildfox sweater, When I first saw it I knew it had to be mine. I know its almost summer time, but at night when it gets a little bit colder its a really good choice. I wore it yesterday on a short trip around the city and my boyfriend made a few pictures. I love summer, and i cant wait to pack this sweater in my suitcase and say goodbye to the world and internet for a few days.

5 random facts about me and summer:
My favourite cocktail is Mojito
I love sailing, my parents have a sailing boat.
I am obsessed with sea food, my favourite fish i rave about is seabass.
I am scared of deep water and sea grass haha!
I love sunbathing but i barely get any tan color during summer beacuse i love to take care about my skin.

You can get this weater here/pulover dobite tukaj (click) WILDFOX SWEATER



  1. Hudaa!
    in tele rožce na glavi ti fuul pašejoo <3

  2. Lep outfit in tudi jaz se bojim morske trave. haha Jaz sem se enkrat skoraj jokala, ker sem mogla plavat mimo morske trave s fantom, pa se mi je motala vse naokrog... On pa se mi je smejal. Jaz pa drl, pa ga zmerjala haha. Zabavno vglavnem..

    1. Haha groza je ta trava res! Mene kap zadane samo da jo vidim :D

  3. Aw so pretty! Simple but chic<3

    Check out mine?


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