Dazling White

Hello dolls! This is my outfit of  the day. White on white and peachy lips, love this springy trend, its really flattering and it just screams CHIC! I'm also wearing my fav fav fav necklace by Blingbling.si. Its really cute and trendy! And i'm really proud to announce my collaboration with one of our best Slovenian make-up artist Lana Spital Make-up. Now you will be able to see my outfits AND makeup tutorials created especially for my look by Lana. Crazy cool, you cant wish for anything more!!!!!


Wearing: Zara jeans, Renini shoes, H&m blazer & sunnies, Blingbling.si necklace, Fashionshop.si bag, Alessandro Slovenija hand creme and nail polish.
This make-up choice is really nice for spring, you can wear it daytime or nighttime, its very versatile and peachy lips are also very skin tone flattering. Its matches perfect with white color, which is also a must have color in your wardrobe this spring and summer. I loooooove this tutorial =) Good job Lana!! Instructions are in slovenian language, but as you can see the tutorial is really easy peasy, and you can really DIY.
1. korak - v pregib veke nanesi svetlo rjavo senčko in njene robove dobro zabriši
2. korak - na celotno veko s čopičem nanesi senčko v biserno koralni barvi
3. korak - na zunanji V nanesi temno čokoladno senčo in njene robove rabriši navzven, tako da dobiš mačji izgled oči
4. korak - čokoladno senčko nanesi še na spodnjo veko, tik ob linijo trepalnic
5. korak - na zgornjo veko z eyelinerjem zariši tanko črto
6. korak -  trepalnice oblikuj s škarjami za oblikovanje trepalnic in nanje nanesi maskaro za volumen.
More tutorials at: LanaSpital make-up


Negativity free! Thank you dolls for all your lovely comments!