Let's get one thing clear!

I am obsessed with coats (also with chocolate, lipstick, shoes...)! Yes, i confess, I have more that 10 different style coats in my closet, i love coats that come in coffe shades, earthly tones and offcours in black. Camel coats and lapel coats are a must have! I think that coats must be in every fashionistas essential wardrobe. It can make your whole look go from a mediocre 6 to a perfect 10.
Currently my personal favourite is this SHEIN lapel coat with cute buttons.  Yes, i totaly agree that buying a little bit more expensive coat is a big thing. It's a seasonal piece what you are going to wear at least several seasons, so it better be practical and functional. But if you change your style really fast during the seasons, i suggest you buy severel different pieces at affordable price and create affordable yet elegant and chic looks within your budget.

You can get this coat here (click) SHEIN COFFE COAT
Also wearing:
MARX sweater
Michael Kors bag
Bershka pants
Deichmann shoes
DKNY fur pendant


  1. Dej nehaj skos te lepe plašče objavlat k sem kr malo ljubosumna :P Top res top plašček <3

    1. hihi, se opravičujem če ti delam lušte =P res je ful fajni, udoben zelo! <3

  2. Perfect Outfit. I love the classy black and the amazing coat with the fake fur!
    Kisses from germany, Sophie♥


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